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About Us

bizM3 has been and continues to be a pioneer in the mobile marketing industry.  We not only offer cutting edge mobile technology, but we truly understand the complexities of mobile marketing. 

We provide the solutions and tools that can help advance your advertising campaigns and deployment strategies. We were the first to offer a multi-channel mobile content management and distribution platform to the industry; we have the technology to produce dramatic results for your business.

Our comprehensive solutions allow mobile strategy integration across all marketing channels to reach your mobile customers and keep them engaged. The bizM3 services team is dedicated to helping you from strategy development to setup, integration, and ongoing management.

Through our multi-channel platform, you can deploy and track mobile campaigns using text messaging (SMS) and multimedia (MMS - such as coupons and pictures) as points of engagement.  Mobile users can opt-in to your campaign in response to a call-to-action through both traditional and digital marketing channels, such as broadcast, print, out of home, email, websites, kiosks and digital signage; all of which can be used individually or as a unified strategy to create an entire 360° campaign.  Once a mobile user opts-in, our platform stores their information and helps you build a relationship through the ongoing exchange of mobile messages. Our platform comes complete with all the analytics needed to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns; ROI can be tracked.

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Bringing Innovative Mobile Solutions That Dynamically Engage Consumers With Brands… While Providing Unlimited Opportunity For Our Affiliates & Shareholders

Our Multi-Channel Mobile Marketing Strategies Will Accelerate The Convergence Of Every Industry Into Mobile

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